Pharmaceutical uses

Antipyretic property: The antifebrile and anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above could be partially attributed to entadamide A and B, which inhibit experimentally the enzymatic activity of 5-lipo-oxygenase of RBL-1 cells at 10-4g/mL (Ikegami F et al., 1989). 5-Lipo-oxygenase is a key enzyme in the synthesis of autacoids at the very beginning of the inflammatory process.

Antiseptic property: In regard to the antiseptic property mentioned above, one might think of tannins. The different mechanisms proposed so far to explain tannin antimicrobial activity include the inhibition of extracellular microbial enzymes, deprivation of the substrates required for microbial growth or direct action on microbial metabolism through the inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation (Scalbert A et al., 1991).

Antiparasitic properties: A butanolic fraction of the bark of Entada phaseoloides (L.) Merr. inhibits the proliferation of Oncomelania quadrasi cultured in vitro with LC50 values ranging from 3.6 ppm to 3.8 ppm (Yasuraoka K et al., 1977). Entada abyssinica, used in Africa to treat sleeping sickness, contains a clero-dane diterpene which inhibits significantly the proliferation of Trypanozoma bruceirhodesiense cultured in vitro (Freiburhans F etal., 1998). It will be interesting to learn whether further studies on Entada phaseoloides (L.) Merr. will disclose any clerodane diterpenes of chemotherapeutic interest.

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

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