Pharmaceutical interest

One might set up the hypothesis that the healing properties mentioned above could be attributed to penta-cyclic triterpenes. One such terpene is mollugogenol A, characterized from the aerial part of Mollugo pentaphylla L. as

Fig. 73. Mollugo pentaphylla L.

Uses: In China, the plant is used to promote appetite and to treat eye diseases. In Malaysia, a paste of Mollugo pentaphylla L. is used to heal sores. In the Solomon Islands, the plant is burned to make smoke that repel mosquitoes.

Mollugogenol A

Mollugogenol A

an antifungal principle, on account of the membrane damage as observed in spermatozoids (Hamburger M et al., 1989, Rajasekaran M et a/., 1993). Other natural products characterized from Mollugo pentaphylla L. are flavones (Chopin J etal., 1982; Jha OP etal., 1984)

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