Pharmaceutical interest

Flavonoids: Brazilin, brazilein, proto-sapparin E and a mixture of sterols characterized from Caesalpinia sap-pan L. display an anticomplementary property (Oh SR etal., 1998). Brazilin is the principal constituent of Cae-salpinia sappan L., it protects hepato-cytes against BrCCl3 poisoning (Moon

Fig. 158. Caesa/pinia sappan L. From: KLU Herbarium 20813. University of Malaya Herbarium. Field collector and botanical identification.: M Naskar, Apr 1975. Geographical localization: Indian Botanic Garden, Calcutta.

Uses: In China, the wood of Caesa/pinia sappan L. is used to heal wounds, stop hemorrhage and haemoptysis, regulate menses after childbirth, and soothe bruises. In Malaysia, the wood is used to expel impurities and to clean infected skin. A decoction of wood is used to stop haemoptysis and hemorrhage. In Vietnam, a decoction of about 15 g of wood is ingested daily to stop dysentery intestinal and uterine hemorrhage, heal wounds and furuncles, regulate menses, soothe contusion, and treat impetigo and leucorrhea. Externally Caesa/pinia sappan L. is used as a shampoo.

CK et al., 1992) and the immune system of mice against halothane (Choi SY et a/., 1997). Note also that brazilin inhibits the enzymatic activity of succinic semialdehyde reductase which is responsible for the degradation of GABA (Baek NI et a/., 2001).The anti-inflammatory principles of Caesalpinia sappan L. are known (Hikino H et a/., 1977). An extract of this plant inhibits dose-dependently the mobility of spermato-zoids (Shi IM et a/., 1990). In regard to the haematological properties of the plant, (6aS,cis)-Malonic acid 3-acetoxy-6a9-bis-(2-methoxycarbonyl-acetoxy)-6,6a,7,11b-tetrahydro-indeno[2,1-c]chromen-10-yl ester methylester has antiplatelet activities (Lee GY et al., 2005).

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