Pharmaceutical interest

L-Methionine sulphoximine: A common poison found in the Connaraceae and probably in Rourea minor (Gaertn.) Leenh. is L-methionine sulphoximine which (Jeannoda VL et a/., 1985). The mode of action of L-Methionine sulphoximine is based on the fact that it is shaped like L-glutamic acid (an excitatory amino acid) and acts as a false substrate for glutamine synthetase, which normally converts glutamic acid into glutamine. Glutamic acid accumulates in neurons and causes a continuous depolarization of dendrites, hence resulting in central nervous system disturbances and convulsions. L-Methionine sulphoximine lowers extracellular potassium during acute hyperammonaemia (Sugimoto H etal., 1997).

Uses: In Malaysia, a decoction of the roots is drunk to treat fever, and the pounded roots are drunk to heal sores. In the Philippines, a decoction of the roots is used to invigorate the uterus, expel impurities, induce vomit and to kill wild dogs.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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