Pharmaceutical interest

Anti-inflammatory properties: An alcoholic extract of flower of Vernonia cinerea (L.) Less. given peros to arthritic rats, reverses paw volume, body and tissue weights and serum and tissue enzyme activity of ALT, AST, ACP and cathepsin-D. This extract reverses the major histopathological changes in the hind paws of the arthritic rats (Latha RM etal., 1998). Is it possible to find sesquiterpenes in this instance?

Antiparasiticidal properties: An interesting feature of a Vernonia species is that they elaborate several sorts of antiprotozoal metabolites. For example, 16,17-dihydrobrachycalyxolide-germacrane dilactone (Oketch-Rabah HA et a/., 1998) and 5-methylcoumarins characterized from Vernonia brachycalyx, inhibit the proliferation of both Leishmania major and Plasmodium falciparum grown in vitro (Oketch-Rabah HA et al., 1997). Lupeol characterized from Vernonia brasiliana (L.) abrogates the proliferation of Plasmodium falciparum cutured in vitro (25 ^g/mL; Alves TM et al., 1997). An extract of Vernonia sub-uligera strongly inhibits the proliferation of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, cultured in vitro (Freiburghaus F et al., 1996).

Antifungal properties: Note that Vernonia arborea is known to produce an antifungal sesquiterpene, zaluzanin D (Krishna KGN et al., 2003).

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