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Cytotoxic properties: Eurycoma longifolia Jack is interesting because it produces 14,15-^-dihydroxyklainea-none, which inhibits tumor promotion by Epstein-Barr virus activation, at an IC50 value of = 5 ^M; longilac-tone, which inhibits the growth of

Fig. 233. Eurycoma longifolia Jack.

Uses: In Cambodia, the roots are used to counteract poison, combat fever, and treat jaundice, dropsy and cachexia. In Indonesia, the root bark and root are used to combat fever, stop diarrhea and soothe swollen parts. In Malaysia, the root bark is used to combat fever, invigorate the body, and heal wounds and ulcers; the plant is used to treat dropsy, ascite and to counteract poison. The wood of the roots is cut in small pieces which are boiled in water to make a drink which is taken by men as aphrodisiac. In Vietnam, Eurycoma longifolia Jack is used to combat fever, promote digestion, expel intestinal worms, treat dysentery, counteract poison and treat lumbago.

schistosomes cultured in vitro at a concentration of 200 ^g/mL; and 11-dehydroklaineanone and 15-p-O-acetyl-14-hydroxyklaineanone, which are plasmodicidal at a C50 value of 2 ^g/mL (Jiwajinda S et al, 2003). Canthine-6-ones and eurycomanone, characterized from the root of this plant, inhibit the growth of several types of human cancer cells in vitro (Kardono LB etal.,1991). Note that canthine-6-one is a p-carboline alkaloids known to be cytotoxic and antimicrobial.





H H 11-Dehydroklaineanone

Other properties: A number of publications have attempted to substantiate the aphrodisiac claim of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. For example, male rats receiving up to 800mg/Kg of the plant daily for 10 days, display a dose-dependent increase in mounting frequency but not in erection or ejaculations (Ang HH etal., 1997).

Canthine - 6 - one Serotonine

One might set the hypothesis that canthine alkaloids binds to serotonine receptors, which are involved in the control of sexual behavior.

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