Parkia speciosa Hassk

[From Latin, speciosus = beautiful]

Physical description: It is a tall rainforest tree found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The bark is smooth and reddish-brown. Leaves: bipinnate and 15 cm-30 cm long, pinnae 10-18 pairs, swollen at the base and finely hairy, folioles 20-35 pairs, sessile, linear lanceolate, and very 5 mm-6 mm x 2 mm-3 mm. The blade is acuminate at the apex, and the base is round and asymmetric. The flowers are pollinated by bats. The fruits are stout, green, glossy, fleshy, 30cm-50cm x 2cm-4cm, leathery, pods containing several pungent seeds which are about 1 cm long and packed each in a white membrane.

Common name: Stink bean, locust bean; petai (Malay); peteh (Indonesian); sato (Thai).

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

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