Nepenthes ampullaria Jack

[From Greek, nepenthes = griefless and from Latin, ampulla = Roman 2-handled flask]

Physical description: It is a climber found in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The stem is terete. Leaves: simple, pitcher-shaped, alternate, sessile and without stipules. The blade is elliptic-spathulate, leathery, 7cm-20cm x 2.4cm-5.2cm, and rusty tomentose below. The margin is entire and recurved. The midrib sunken above and raised below the blade. The apex of the blade extends into a 2cm-7cm long velvety tendril of terminated with or without a light green, broad, 7 cm x 5.8cm-5.3cm x 4cm pitcher (Fig. 102).

Common names: Akartekuyot (Malay).

Common names: Akartekuyot (Malay).

Uses: In Malaysia, a decoction of the roots of Nepenthes ampullaria Jack is drunk to treat dysentery and to Fig. 102. Nepenthes ampullaria Jack. From:

assuage stomachache. KLU Herbarium 32151. Flora of Malaya. Uni versity of Malaya Herbarium. Field collec-

Pharmaceutical interest: The phar- tor & botanical identfiication: asn^min C

macological potential of Nepenthes f N°vt ^ Ge°graPhica'localiza-

tion: Johor, Kota Tinggi, ridge forest, diptero-ampullaria Jack is still waiting to be dis- Carps, altitude: 1000 ft Malaysia. covered. The use of this plant may be on account of its astringency. Note that a series of antimalarial naphthoquinones, including plumbagin, 2-methylnaphthazarin and droserone, have been characterized from the roots of Nepenthes thorellii (Likhitwitayamuid K et al., 1998). Such naphthoquinones are probably present in Nepenthes ampullaria Jack.

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