Mollugo pentaphylla L

[From Latin, Mollugo = an old name for the genus Galium, and from Greek, pente = five and phullon = leaf]

Synonymy: Mollugo stricta L.

Common name: Mollugo, Indian chickweed.

Physical description: It is an annual tiny weed found in the sandy coasts of China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China Solomon Islands and India, which grows to a height of 30 cm. Leaves: simple, 7 mm x 1.5 cm and whorled in groups of 2-5 at nodes. The petiole is indistinct, and the blade is the lanceolate and very thin. The flowers are very small, whitish and arranged in terminal or axillary inflorescences. The fruits are dehiscent capsules of 2 mm diameter with persistent sepals, containing black, 0.5 mm diameter kidney-shaped and microscopically muricate seeds (Fig. 73).

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