Macaranga denticulata Bl Muell Arg

[From Malgash, macaranga = a native name of Madagascar and from Latin, denticulus = small tooth]

Synonymy: Macaranga henricorum Hems.

Common names: Mahang, mesepat (Malay).

Physical description: It is a treelet of secondary forest and neglected lands in the East Himalayas, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The stems are smooth, terete and rusty velvety at the apex. Leaves: simple, spiral and without stipules. The petiole is 4cm-8cm, slender, and velvety initially. The blade is broadly lanceolate, 12.1cm x 15.2cm-8.6cm x 6.6cm, velvety and mottled with numerous globose, translucent and with very small glands beneath. The apex extends upward into a 1.4 long tail. The margin is denticulate and recurved. The blade shows 8 to 9 pairs of secondary and scalariform tertiary nerves. The inflorescences are axillary and velvety panicles. The flowers are very small (Fig. 212).

Macaranga Denticulata
Fig. 212. Macaranga denticulata (Bl.) Muell.-Arg. From: KLU Herbarium 000863. Flora of Malaya. Field collector: MED Poore. 9 Sep 1961. Geographical localization: Ayer Hitam, Johor, swamp by the side of the road, Malaysia. Botanical identification: 2/7 Whitmore.

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