Impatiens balsamina L

[From Latin, impatiens = impatient and balsamum = balsam]

Common names: Balsam plant; bunga embung (Malay); dandalet, panshit (Burmese); feng hsien (Chinese); balsamien (Dutch); balsamine des jardins, jalousie, merveille a fleurs jaune (French); adornos (Spanish).

Physical description: It is an annual herb native to India. It grows to a height of 90 cm. The stems are succulent, glabrous or pubescent, and slightly branched. Leaves: simple, alternate, and 15 cm long. The blade is lanceolate, acuminate, deeply serrate, and glabrous. The flowers are pink and showy. The sepals are very small and ovate and develop a short or long and incurved spur. The corolla comprises of small orbicular and horned standard,

Fig. 247. Impatiens balsamina L.

broad wings, and round lateral lobes; the terminal one is sessile, and very large. The lip is small, boat-shaped, and mucronate. The fruits are hairy and capsular and contain several seeds which are reticulate (Fig. 247).

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