Hydnocarpus species

[From Greek, hudron = truffle and karpos

Physical description: Forty species of Southeast Asiantrees make upthegenus Hydnocarpus Gaertn. The bark of Hydnocarpus species is smooth. Leaves: simple, spiral and stipulate. The stipules are deciduous. The petiole is woody, transversally cracked, and bends at the base.The blade is leathery, asymmetric at the base, and the margin is entire. The inflorescences are small and cymose clusters of unisexual flowers. The calyx consists of 4-5 deciduous sepals. The corolla comprises of 4-5 petals which are papery and scaly inside at the base. The andrecium consists of 5 to several stamens. The ovary is sessile and encloses 3 placentas. The stigmas consist of 3-5 long branches. The fruits are large, rugose, and woody capsules containing several seeds packed in a pulp.

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