Heliotropium indicum L

[From Greek, helios = sun and trope = turning and from Latin, indicum = from India]

Synonymy: Tiaridium indicum (L.) Lehm

Common names: Indian heliotrope; Indian turnsole; rumpus ekor kunching, seribumi, jinkin kala (Malay).

Physical description: It is a herb which grows annually to a height of 50 cm. It grows by coastlines, drains and in vacant plots. Leaves: simple, 3 cm-5 cmx 1.5 cm-5 cm, and alternate.The petiole is 1.25 cm long. The blade is ovate or ovate-lanceolate. The apex is acute and the base is cordate. The inflorescences are 5 cm long spikes-shaped like cat's tails. The flowers are tubular, pale purple to white with a yellow throat. The fruits are 4 tiny, conical, pear-shaped and beaked pyrenes (Fig. 301).

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