Gynochthodes sublanceolata

[From Latin, sub = partially and lanceolata = lance-shaped]

Common names: Malayan lumpwort or akarsulong (Malay).

Uses: In Malaysia, a decoction of the leaves and the roots of Gynochthodes sublanceolata Miq. is drunk to assuage stomachache. The therapeutic potential of this plant remains unexplored.

dark green, 5cm-10cm x1 cm-3cm and stipulate.The petiole is 5 mm long. The blade is elliptic, tapering at the base and pointed at the apex. The flowers are arranged into small axillary inflorescences. The calyx tube is cup-shaped, short and slightly lobed. The corolla tube is whitish to purplish, woolly on the inside and develops 5

lobes which are longer than the tube Fig. 344. Gynochthodes sublanceolata Miq. itself. The andrecium consists of 5 stamens. The style is bifid. The fruits are round, succulent, greenish to greyish and contain 2-4 seeds (Fig. 344).

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

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