Order Celastrales Wettstein 1907

The order Celastrales consists of 11 families and about 2000 species of woody plants thought to have originated from the order Rosales (Appendix I), and known to produce tannins, lignans, triterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and alkaloids, including sesquiterpene, purine, pyridine and occasionally monoterpenoid iso-quinolines alkaloids. The order Celastrales is thought to have originated with the Rhamnales from the Rosales in which they share a common ancestor. Celastraceae, Hippocrateaceae, Aquifoliaceae and Icacinaceae are fairly closely related. The Dichapetalaceae stand somewhat apart from the order families and are excluded by some authors from the Celastrales and referred to as the Euphorbiales.The presence of monoterpenoid isoquinolines in the Icacinaceae suggests that Celastrales and Cornales might have common ancestry in the Rosales.

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