Forrestia griffithii CB Clarke

[After George Forrest, 20th century plant hunter. After Dr. William Griffith, 19th century botanist and curator of the Botanic Garden in Calcutta]

Common name: Setawar hutan (Malay).

Uses: In Malaysia, a decoction of roots is used to combat fever. The pharmacological potential of Forrestia griffithii C.B. Clarke and the genus Forrestia remains unexplored.

stems are juicy, creeping articulated and regularly covered with 2cm-3cm long of tubular bracts. Leaves: 27.5 cm x 5.3cm-25cm x 6.2cm-25cm, spiral, lanceolate, velvety and cuspidate. The blade shows about 20 pairs of nerves raised. The inflorescences are cauliflorous and globular heads. The fruits are glossy, 1cmx7mm, purple dehiscing capsule containing a few bright orange seeds. The sepals are vestigial in fruits and are 3 mm-5 mm long (Fig. 392).

Fig. 392. Forrestia griffithii C.B. Clarke.

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

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