Family Moraceae Link 1831 nom conserv the Mulberry Family

Physical description: The family Moraceae consists of about 40 genera and 1000 species of trees, shrubs, climbers and herbs. Moraceae are laticiferous and contain prenylflavones, and cardenolides (Antiaris, Antiaropsis, Castilla).

8 - Isopentenylnaringenin

The leaves are simple, stipulate, often thick, large and glossy. The stipules often form a cap over the leaf buds. The flowers are tiny, packed in compact axillary inflorescences and comprise of 4-5 sepals and stamens, and 2 free carpels each containing 1 ovule. The fruits are syncarps or drupes. An example of Moraceae is Ficus benjamina L. (weeping fig). Other examples are Morus alba L. (mulberry), Ficus elastica Roxb. (India rubber plant), Castilla elastica Cerv. (caoutchouc), Artocarpus communis Forst. (bread-fruit), Artocarpus het-erophyllus Lam. (jack-fruit) and Ficus carica L.

Pharmaceutical interest: Mulberry (British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1934), consists of the ripe fruits of Morus alba L. which have been used to relieve the bowels of costiveness, to promote expectoration and as adjuvant in the form of syrup (Mulberry syrup, dose 2 mL-4 mL) prepared by dissolving sucrose in the expressed juice. The latex of Ficus species is often used to heal wounds, remove warts, assuage toothache, and to treat skin infection. This could be due to the fact that the latex often contains mixtures of papain-like proteases (ficin), which could be used therapeutically to expel worms or to resolve inflammation, and in the food industry to tenderize meat. The therapeutic potential of this large family is not fully known til to date. Prenylflavones and lectins of Moraceae represent an interesting reserve field of chemotherapeutic investigation and should be worth being assessed further for their cytotoxic and/or antiviral properties. About 50 species of plants classified within the family Moraceae are used for medicinal purposes in the Asia-Pacific. These are mostly used to treat fever, heal wounds, assuage stomachache, promote the secretion of milk, and to stop diarrhea and bleeding.

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