Order Papaverales Cronquist 1981

The order Papaverales consists of 2 families of herbaceous plants, the Papaveraceae and Fumariaceae. This order is thought to have originated from the order Ranunculales, from which it inherits the ability to elaborate several sorts of isoquinoline alkaloids (Appendix I). An interesting feature of this order is the production of isoquinoline alkaloids of therapeutic value. Morphine from Papaveraceae is an instance of such an alkaloid.

Synonymy: Pericampylus formosanus auct. non Diels, Cocculus glaucus DC.

Common name: Pericampylus; celuru (Indonesian).

Uses: In Indonesia, Pericampylus glaucus (Lamk.) Merr. is used to counteract hair loss and to resolve swelling of the spleen. In Malaysia, the plant is used to treat fever, cough, headache and asthma. In Philippines, the juice of the roots is used to counteract snake-poisoning.

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Hair Loss Prevention

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