Eurycoma longifolia Jack

[From Greek, eurus = broad and kome = hairs of the head and from Latin, longus = long and folium = leaf]

Synonymy: Crassula pinnata sensu Lour. non L. f.

Common names: TongkatAli, bidara pahit (Malay); ba binh, hauphat (Vietnamese).

Physical description: It is a treelet of Malaysia, Cambodia, Sumatra and Borneo. The plant is overexploited for its roots and is on the verge of extinction. The wood is whitish and very bitter. Leaves: compound and 1 m long. The folioles are numerous, slightly pointed, sessile, and attached to the rachis with a prominent joint. The base of the folioles is asymmetric. The inflorescences are axillary and tomentose panicles of tiny unisexual flowers. The calyx is 5-6-lobed. The corolla comprises of 5-6 petals which are hairy on both sides and twice as long as wide. The andrecium comprises of 56 stamens. The stigmas are 1 mm long. The nectary disc is indistinct. The gynecium consists of 5-6 free carpels. The fruits are ellipsoid and 1cm-1.7cm x 5mm-1.2cm drupes (Fig. 233).

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