Eupatorium odoratum L

[After Mithridates Eupator, King of Pontus about 115 BC and from Latin, odoratum = fragrant]

Common names: Jack-in-the-bush; pokokgerman (Malay); co lao (Vietnamese).

Fig. 374. Eupatorium odoratum L.

Uses: Eupatorium odoratum L. is used in Vietnam to heal wounds and burns.

Physical description: It is a shrubby tropical herb native to America, which grows to a height of 1.5 m on roadsides and open places of Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific. Leaves: simple, opposite, fragrant and exstipulate. The petiole is indistinct.The blade is deltoid, 5cm-10cmx2.5cm-1.25cm, dull green, serrate and pointed at the apex. The inflorescences are terminal cymes of elongated capitula, consisting of several tubular, 8 mm long with whitish florets. The fruits are narrow, 5 mm long and angled achenes with a pappus of fine whitish bristles (Fig. 374).

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