Epirixanthes elongata Bl

[From Latin, xanthus = yellow and longus = long]

Physical description: It is a little flesh-colored, mycoparasitic herb of the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. Leaves: simple and reduced to very small scales. The flowers and tiny, 5-merous, and flesh-colored, and arranged in terminal and slender racemes. The andrecium comprises of 5 stamens, whose filaments are arranged in a sheath. The fruits are flattened, reniform and capsular (Fig. 223).

Synonymy: Epirixanthes cylindrica.

Common names: Cinway (Orang Asli); cenduwai (Malay).

Uses: In Malaysia, the Orang Asli use the plant to perform "magical love ceremonies." In Indonesia, the plant is believed to render men and chicken sterile. It will be interesting to learn whether a more intensive study of Epirixanthes elongata Bl. will reveal any molecules of therapeutic interest.

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

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