Dolichandrone spathacea L f K Schum

[From Greek, dolichos = long, andro = male and spathe = broad blade]

Synonymy: Dolichandrone rheediii Seem., Spathodea rheediii Spreng.

Common names: Thakutma (Burmese); vilpadri (Ceylonese); pokok kulo (Malay).

Uses: In Indonesia, the leaves of Dolichandrone spathacea (L. f.) K. Schum. are used to treat thrush. In the Philippines, Dolichandrone spathacea (L. f.) K. Schum. is used to treat nervous diseases and flatulence. The pharmacological potentials of this interesting plant remain unexplored.

Physical description: It is a tree which grows to height of 9 m.The plant grows wild in the riverbanks, swamps, coastal forests and mangroves of the Asia-Pacific and Pacific Islands. The stems are lenticelled and marked with conspicuous ovoid scars left by fallen leaves. Leaves: imparipinnate, 20cm-50cm long, spiral and without stipules. The blade consists of 3-4 pairs of folioles attached to 5 mm-1 cm long peti-olules. The folioles are papery, strongly asymmetrical, and show 5-9 pairs of secondary nerves. The flowers are long, tubular and white, arranged in groups of 3-4 on short stout and erect pedicels. The calyx is tubular and more than 5 cm long. The corolla is 15 cm long, cylindrical, funnel-shaped with a 6.3 cm-7.5 cm diameter limb, and rounded lobes with crenate margin. The fruits are hanging dark green to purplish brown, 25cm-50cm long and sickle-shaped dehiscent capsules filled with 1.5 cm flat, rectangular and white seeds overlapping in many rows (Fig. 331).

Dolichandrone Spathacea
Fig. 331. Dolichandrone spathacea (L. f.) K. Schum. From: KLU Herbarium 35316. Field collector & botanical identification: A. Gentry. 18 Aug 1981. Geographical localization: Sarawak, edge of Sarawak river near Kuching, ca. 20 m altitude, Malaysia.

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