Dichapetalum griffithii Hook f Engl

[From Latin, petalum = petals, and after Dr. William Griffith, a 19th century botanist and curator of the Botanic Garden in Calcutta]

Physical description: It is a climber found in the rubber estates and

Synonymy: Chailletia griffithii Hook. f.

Uses: In Malaysia, Dichapetalum griffithii (Hook. f.) Engl. is used as a post-partum remedy. The pharmacological potential of Dichapetalum griffithii (Hook. f.) Engl. is unknown. The seeds of Dichapetalum toxicarium contain long-chain fluoro-fatty acid and fluoroacetic acid, which causes death (10 mg/Kg) attributable to severe bradycardia (Tosaki A etal., 1988).

villages of Malaysia and Indonesia. The stems are lenticelled and pilose at the apex. Leaves: alternate and simple. The petiole is 2 mm x 2 mm-3 mm and pilose. The blade is rigid, pilose beneath, and 20 cm x 7cm-15cm x 3 cm. The midrib is flat above and raised below. The blade shows 8-10 pairs of secondary nerves. The fruits are fluffy, yellow, axillary, globose, 1.5 cm x 1.7cm-7mm x 6 mm and seated in a persistent calyx (Fig. 191).

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