Order Cyperales Gt Burnet 1835

The order Cyperales consists of 2 very large families of herbs: the family Cyper-aceae and the family Poaceae, which have both originated from the Commeli-nales. Cyperales are perennial or less often annual herbs generally known to elaborate C-glycosylflavones and tricin. The leaves are linear and arranged in 2-3 whorls and an adaxial ligule is often present at the juncture of sheath and blade. The flowers are perfect or unisexual, subtended by a chaffy bract, and born in a characteristic spike or spikelet. The perianth consists of 1-3 bracts. The andrecium is made of 3 anthers. The gynecium consists of 2-4 carpels forming a superior compound and a single-locular ovary. The style develops several stigmastic branches. The fruits are indehiscent and dry, containing a single starchy seed.

Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleeping

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