Order Capparales Hutchinson 1926

The order Capparales consists of 5 families and nearly 4000 species of plants which are thought to have originated from the order Theales. By far, the largest family of the order Capparales is the family Brassicaceae which consists of about 3000 species of plants. Capparales are small trees, shrubs, climbers and herbs, the most characteristic chemical feature is the use of isothiocyanates as a chemical repellent. Isothiocyanates or mustard oils are liberated upon enzymatic hydrolysis of glucosinolates by an enzyme called myrosin. Isothiocyanates are interesting because they are cytotoxic, antimicrobial and irritating, hence the use of Capparales to make counter-irritant remedies.

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All Natural Yeast Infection Treatment

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