Cyperus cyperinus Retz Suring

[From Greek, kuperos = sedge]

Physical description: It is a herb which grows to a height of 60 cm tall. The stems are triangular, 2 mm in diameter and rigid.

Synonymy: Mariscus cyperinus (Retz.)Vahl.

Uses: In China, a decoction of Cyperus cyperinus (Retz.) Suring. is used to counteract the putrefaction of the skin. The therapeutic potential of this herb remains unexplored.

Leaves: linear, pinkish at the base, 17 cm x 4 mm-8 cm x 3 mm. The inflorescences are 2.3 cm x 1 cm-1.7 cm x 7 mm terminal umbels of spikelets. The fruits are fusiform utricles of about 4 mm long (Fig. 397).

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

Fig. 397. Cyperus cyperinus (Retz.) Suring.
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