Cyathostemma argenteum Bl J Sinclair

[From Latin, argentum = silver]

Physical description: It is a rainforest climber of Malaysia and Indonesia. The young stems are rufous-pubescent. Leaves: simple, alternate and exstipu-late.The blade is oblong-lanceolate, 10cm-17cmx4cm-6 cm, slightly silvery-grey puberulous beneath and glabrous above, except the midrib. The base of the blade is broad, round, truncate and the apex is shortly and obtusely acuminate. The petiole is 3 mm-5 mm long. The flowers are dark purple. The corolla consists of 6 petals which are broadly ovate, obtuse, 5 mm long, imbricate, pubescent and inflexed at the apex. The calyx comprises of 3 sepals which are broadly ovate, obtuse, and 2 mm long. The fruits are sausage-shaped and 2cm x 4cm.

Synonymy: Uvaria micrantha Hook. f. &Thoms.

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