Clausena excavata Burm f

[After Clausen, a botanist, and from Latin, cavus = hollow]

Fig. 240. Clausena excavata Burm. f.

Synonymy: Clausena lunulata Hay., Clausena moringerae, Lawsonia falcata Lour.

Common names: Seitnan (Burmese); santhrok damney (Cambodian); cherek hitam, chenama (Malay).

Physical description: It is a treelet which grows to a height of 4 m. It is found wild or cultivated in a geographical area which covers India through Southeast Asia. The stem is smooth and darkish. The wood is whitish. Leaves: pinnate, fragrant, consisting of up to 30 pairs of folioles. The folioles are 3 cm x 8 cm and conspicuously dotted with oil cells. The inflorescences are terminal panicles of small flowers which are white and fragrant. The flowers consist of 5 sepals, 5 petals, and up to 10 stamens. The fruits are small, globular and succulent, reddish herperidia (Fig. 240).

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