Celosia argentea L

[From Greek, kelos = burned and from Latin, argentum = silver]

Physical description: It is an annual tropical herb which grows to a height of 1 m in drains, vacant plots and by the roadside. The stems are terete and the upper part is often branched. Leaves: simple, 5cm-8cm x 1 cm-3cm, alternate, and without stipules.The blade is lanceolate, ovate and sessile or not. The

Synonymy: Celosía argentia, Celosía cristata.

Common names: Wild cockscomb, Bombay yellow gold; cresta de gallo, borlas (Spanish); barhichuda (Sanskrit); bayam (Malay); kyetmonk (Burmese); chikuan (Chinese); palonpalongan (Filipino).

Fig. 69. Celosía argentea L.

apex is acute or acuminate, and the base is attenuate. The inflorescences are terminal and pinkish or white, 5cm-8cm x 1 cm-2.5 cm spikes. The flowers are 8 mm-10 mm x 2 mm, and comprise of a perianth of 5 lanceolate lobes and 5 stamens. The fruits are globose, and the circumscissile utricles containing a few black glossy seeds (Fig. 69).

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