Carica papaya L

[From Greek, karike, a kind of fig and from papaya = the Caribbean word for Carica papaya L.]

Physical description: It is a small fruit tree native to Central America. The bole is soft-wooded, marked with conspicuous leaf-scars and laticif-erous. Leaves: 30cm-60cm, glabrous, palmati-fid and palmatinerved. The petiole is about 30 cm long, fleshy and thin. The flowers are light yellow, slightly fragrant, and generally dioecious. The male flowers are arranged in long dropping panicles. The female flowers are arranged in short clusters. In the female flowers, the ovary is single-locular and the stigma is sessile, 5-lobed and lacerated. The fruits are succulent, indehiscent, single-celled, ovoid to oblong, greenish-yellow, smooth and 15 cm x 30 cm berries. The flesh is red, juicy and palatable. The seeds are numerous and black, and taste like capper (Figs. 109 & 110).

Continue reading here: Family Cucurbitaceae A L de Jussieu 1789 nom conserv the Cucumber family

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