Bulbostylis barbata Rottb Kunth

[From Greek, bolbos = bulb, stylis = small pillar, and from Latin, barba beard]

Synonymy: Bulbostylis fimbriata (Nees) C.B.Clarke, Fimbristylis barbata (Rottb.) Benth., Isolepis fimbriata (Nees) Steud.

Common name: Watergrass.

Uses: In the Philippines, a decoction of Bulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) Kunth. is drunk to treat dysentery. The pharmacological potential of Bulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) Kunth. remains unexplored.

Physical description: It is an erect or prostrate, beard-looking herb which grows annually to a height of 30 cm. The plant is found in sandy areas, dunes and stream banks of the Asia-Pacific. The stems are quadrangular, glabrous, and 0.5 mm in diameter. Leaves: linear and up to 30 cm long. The inflorescences are brownish umbelliform spikelets of 5mm-10mm x

Fig. 395. Bulbostylis barbata (Rottb.) Kunth. From: KLU 26016. Flora of Thailand Project. Expedition, Jul— Aug 1966. Field collectors: Kai Larsen, T Smitinand & E Warncke. Botanical identification: JH Kern. Geographical localization: Rachaburi, Huai Yang, sandy area behind beach, Thailand.

5mm-10mm. The flower comprises of a

3-fid stigma. The fruits are 2 mm-5 mm long utricles which are somewhat bulbous. The seeds are 3-lobed, muricate and 0.5 mm in diameter (Fig. 395).

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