Barleria prionitis L

[After 17th century French botanist, Jacques Barrelier]

Physical description: It is a prickly shrub which grows to a height of 90 cm. The plant is native to Tropical East Africa and Asia; spanning Australia, Pacific islands and South America as an ornamental plant. The prickles are 1.5cm-2cm long, axillary and straight. Leaves: simple, opposite and without stipules. The blade is 5cm-12cm x 2cm-3cm, ciliate, pubescent beneath, cuneate at the base and shows a thorn at the apex. The corolla is 2cm-3cm long, yellow, and sparsely pubescent on the outside. The corolla lobes are oblong-ovate. The fruits are 1.5cm-1.8cm long and ovoid capsular. The seeds are globose, 5mm-7mm in diameter and pubescent.

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