Bambusa multiplex Lour Raeusch

[From Indian, mambu = bamboo and from Latin, multus = many and plicis = fold]

Physical description: It is a bamboo which grows to a height of 8 m. The plant is native to China and widely distributed in cultivation. The tuft of subequal branches at each node is very acutely held upwards. The culms are golden and green stripped, 1 cm diameter, slightly white-waxy, glabrous, green and with internodes to 30 cm long. Leaves: the sheath shows

Synonymy: Bambusa nana Roxb.

Common names: Alphonse Karr, hedge bamboo; buloh pagar (Malaysia); pring chendani (Javanese).

Uses: In Malaysia, the stems of Bam-busa multiplex (Lour.) Raeusch. are used to threaten abortion.The pharmacological potential of this bamboo remains unexplored.

indistinct auricles. The ligule is consists of 4-5 hairs of about 1 mm long.The blade is erect, 6 cmx1 cm, glabrous with 1 mm-2 mm auricles which have 2mm-3mm fine bristles, and shows about 12 nerves (Fig. 403).

Warning: Tawny or red hairs on the sheaths of bamboo stems could cause mechanical injury to the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

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