Artocarpus heterophyllus Lamk

[From Greek, artos = bread, karpos = fruit and heteros = different and phullon = leaves]

Physical description: It is a tropical fruit tree probably native to India. The bark is dark grey and exudes an abundant milky latex when incised.

Common names: Jack-fruit; nangka (Malay); jaca (Portuguese); chakka (Malayalam).

The stems are articulate. Leaves: simple, spiral, and stipulate. The petiole is 1.25cm-4cm long. The blade is elliptic to obovate, leathery, glossy, deep green on the surface, and 5cm-23cm x 2cm-11 cm. The apex is blunt and the base of the blade is tapered. The flowers are unisexual, tiny and arranged in separate and axillary heads. The male flower consists of a tiny 2- to 4-lobed perianth and a single stamen. The female flowers consists of a tiny perianth tube, a single ovary sunk in the receptacle and a long style. The fruits are 30cm-90cm x 15cm-30cm, ovoid, smelly, heavy, greenish-yellow, covered with conical warts and cauliflor-ous. The seeds are 4 cm x 2 cm,

Fig. 51. Artocarpus heterophyllus Lamk.

ovoid, brownish, smooth and embedded within a thick orange gelatinous jacket which is edible (Fig. 51).

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