Annona muricata L

[From Latin, annona = yearly produce and muricata = muricate]

Physical description: It is a fruit tree native to tropical America, probably introduced in the very early times by the Spaniards. The leaves: simple, alternate, exstipulate and 5.5 cm-18 cm x 2 cm-7 cm. The blade is oblong, lanceolate-obovate, often shortly acuminate at the apex, and sparingly appressed and hairy beneath. The flowers are at first green, then ripening into yellowish-pale. The outer petals are 3.5cm-5cm long, acuminate, when the inner ones are imbricate, obtuse and 2.5cm-3.5cm long. The stamens are 4mm-5mm long and the carpels are numerous and free. The fruits are heart-shaped, muricate, green, 15cm-35cm x 10cm-15cm and edible (Fig. 4).

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