Acrotrema costatum Jack

[From Greek, akros = highest, and trema = aperture and from Latin, costatus = ribbed]

Physical characteristic: It is a brightly colored, medium-sized, rainforest herb of Malaysia, which develops from woody underground stems. Leaves: in rosette, simple, 12cm-30cm x 6cm-12cm, hairy, obovate, serrate, deep green, ribbed and penciled with red. The flowering stems stand up to a height of 10 cm and are covered with long reddish hair.


Common name: Yellow jungle star.

Uses: In Malaysia, Acrotrema costatum Jack is used to invigorate health after childbirth. Not much is known about the therapeutic potential of Acrotrema costatum Jack.

The inflorescences hold 8-10 bright yellow flowers. The flowers comprise of 5 red and hairy sepals, 5 yellow, showy, deciduous and very thin petals, stamens organized in 3 bundles and a gynecium consisting of 3 pistils. The fruits are 3 follicles, irregularly dehiscent (Fig. 80).

Warning: Caution must be taken as the toxic effects of this plant are unknown.

Synonymy: Wormia excelsa Jack, Wormia tomentella Mart.

Common names: Simpoh ungu (Malay).

Uses: In Indonesia, the leaves are applied to the head to treat fever and to assuage headache.The therapeutic potential of Dillenia excelsa (Jack) Gilg is unexplored til to date.

Physical description: It is a tree which grows wild to a height of 15 m and a girth of 60 cm. It is found in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The stems are terete, smooth and glabrous. Leaves: simple, spiral and without stipules. The petiole is 3 cm-3.3 cm long, thin and deeply channeled. The blade is 26 cm x 15.3 cm-11.5 cm x 16 cm, acute both at the base and at the apex, and has a margin that is laxly serrate. The blade

Fig. 80. Acrotrema costatum Jack.

Fig. 81. Dillenia excelsa (Jack) Gilg. From: KLU Herbarium 006688. Flora of Malaya. Field collector: Benjamin C Stone, 13 Nov 1966. Geographical localization: Templer Park, Kanching, Malaysia, altitude: 750 ft. Botanical Identification: 10 Oct 1969, KM Kochummen.

Fig. 80. Acrotrema costatum Jack.

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