Acronychia laurifolia Bl

[From Greek, akros = apical and onux = claw and from Latin, laurus = laurel and folium = leaf]

Synonymy: Acronychia pedunculata Miq., Gela lanceolata Lour.

Common names: Claw flowered laurel, laka wood; bai bai (Vietnamese); chiang chen hsiang (Chinese); gambadak, mentua (Malay); muttainari (Tamil).

Physical description: It is a tree of the lowland rainforest of Southeast Asia. Leaves: opposite, simple and entire. The blade is elliptic to oblong-elliptic, obscurely dotted with oil cells, leathery, and 5cm-2.5cmx 15cm-5cm. The blade shows 14-18

Fig. 236. Acronychia laurifolia Bl.

pairs of secondary nerves and prominent reticulations on both sides. The flowers are very small and arranged in axillary cymes. The sepals are triangular; the petals, lanceolate and hairy within; and the andrecium comprises of 8 stamens. The fruits are globose, green or cream and 4-locular hesperidia. The seeds are ovoid and black (Fig. 236).

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