Achyranthes aspera L

[From Greek, achyr = barb, anthe = flower and from Latin, asper = rough]

Physical description: It is a tropical, upright, hairy, and branched herb which grows up to a height of 1.8 m in villages, orchards and sandy dunes. Leaves: simple, without stipules and 1.25cm-4cm x 1.5cm-7.5cm. The blade is more or less hairy and broadly elliptic. The petiole is 5mm-1.25cm long. The flowers are packed in 7 cm long, reddish-white, hairy, and terminal spikes. The flowers consist of 5 narrow, pointed and 5 mm long green sepals. The andrecium consists of 5 stamens which are joined at the base around the

Synonymy: Pupalia genulata, Achyranthes indica.

Common names: Prickly chaff flower; herbe d'Inde (French); ara songsang, nyarang (Malay); kivalamon (Burmese); nieousi (Chinese); adhoghanta (among 30 others Sanskrit names); unga, chichira, atkumah, latjira (Indian).

ovary into a fringed cup. The fruits are cylindrical utricles containing black and glossy ellipsoid seeds (Fig. 62).

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