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Poisonnet developed by the Japan Information Network Hiroshima

Forensic autopsy is an important task for proving crimes medically unfortunately, every department of legal medicine of Japanese universities is suffering from insufficient staffs and budget. About 30 years ago, one of the authors started the analysis of drugs and poisons at the Department of Legal Medicine, Hiroshima University School of Medicine. At that time, the author did not have much knowledge about poison analysis but it is a good memory that many good friends of toxicological societies gave the author many useful suggestions on analytical methods. Therefore, the author felt that nationwide non-governmental activities for communication about poisoning informations were essential among forensic (analytical) chemists, clinical doctors and other people being involved in poisoning. The authors started creating a communication network first with letters, followed by telephone calls, facsimile, personal computer communication and the mailing list using the Internet according to the...

When all the interviews had been completed the data on each perBon were reviewed Notes had been taken during each

The twenty subjects were also divided into five groups of four persons each, on the basis of friendship and compatibility. Most of the subjects were in the same classes, ate together, and lived in the two dormitories which were next to each other on the campus. Groups were constituted without reference to matched pairs. There were only two different groups in which a pair of subjects were together. Each group was assigned two leaders who met with the group before the experiment.

Problem Substance Use and Substance Related Harm

The most commonly reported drug-related harm involves physical health, reported by 30.3 of lifetime and 23.9 of past-year users of drugs other than cannabis, and 15.1 of lifetime and 10.1 of past-year users of any drug. Following physical health, a cluster of harms, represented somewhat equally, includes harms to one's friendship and social life (22.3 and 16.4 of users excluding cannabis, 10.7 and 6 of any drug users), home and marriage (18.9 and 14.1 excluding cannabis, 8.7 and 5.1 of any drug users), work (18.9 and 14.2 excluding cannabis, 9.2 and 5.1 of any drug users), and financial (19.6 and 18.9 excluding cannabis, 8.4 and 6.5 of any drug users).

Taken before the Science and Technology Committee on Wednesday 1 March 2006

Q114 Chairman Yes, but when somebody like Professor Colin Blakemore, Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council, says this about the ABC classification system It is antiquated and reflects the prejudice and misconceptions of an era in which drugs were placed in arbitrary categories with notable, often illogical, consequences , this is a man who has got a certain reputation to uphold and he is saying really it is a bit of a waste of time. Professor Sir Michael Rawlins And he is a good friend of mine and a good friend of David's as well.

The study of the basic phenomenology of mysticism in the drug experiences of persons already interested In

One such experiment could be to establish a retreat center with a trained, permanent staff consisting of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and ministers. A uniform technique of procedure and testing would have to be devised so that the results over a period of time could be compared. Small groups, preferably already in rapport, of laymen or ministers to whom such a setting would be meaningful would spend from five to seven days at the center. Screening by means of physical examination and history, psychological testing, preparation of an autobiography, and preliminary interviews, would be done before the group came to the retreat center. Several leaders (staff personnel) would join each group as integral members for the duration of the retreat. At least the first three days would be spent in preparation for the drug session and would include readings of selected materials which had been found helpful to others, group discussions with the staff, worship and meditation alone and...

Optional Creative Expression Exercise

Sometime during the next week, imagine that a year has passed and that you haven't used marijuana for a year. Making believe that it's next year, write a letter to yourself (the old you). Write about your life as it has become. Include the reasons why you stopped a year earlier, what your lifestyle is like in the new year, and the benefits you enjoy from not smoking. Mention in your letter any problems you faced during the past year in giving up marijuana use. Describe yourself without marijuana as clearly as you can. As you visualize yourself in the future without marijuana, it may help to think about friendships, self-esteem, health, employment, recreational activities, and general lifestyle satisfaction.

Cannabis Pipe Medicating

The shared medicating experience can be very rewarding. A way to relate with other patients, share experiences and make friends. To keep the experience pleasant, take only one hit of medication before passing it along. Holding the pipe and talking while others are waiting for medication gets wearisome. Be sure to use the pipe, pass it along then continue conversation.

Professional Crisis Intervention And The Selfhelp Approaches

During their visit to the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague these two pharmaceutical workers were able not only to work on their symptoms, but also to change their image of LSD and the negative feelings associated with it. We explained to them the nature of the LSD state and discussed with them our therapeutic program and the principles of conducting sessions. Before they left they had ample opportunity to discuss the effects of LSD with patients undergoing psycholytic treatment who had experienced their sessions under substantially different circumstances. I assured them that there was no reason for alarm if someone was intoxicated by LSD as a matter of fact, we were producing situations like that routinely in our program. They were advised to have a special, quiet room where the intoxicated individual could spend the rest of the day listening to music in the company of a good friend.

Kim Seemed Like a Great Person

One Friday night, Kim asked me if I wanted to go to the volleyball match at the high school. It sounded like a good time, and I rarely passed up an opportunity to spend time with Kim. At halftime, Kim suggested that we leave and meet up with some other kids from school. I want to emphasize that Kim had never been anything but a super person and good friend. But when we met up with the others, Kim started to act weird, talking trash and trying to be all cool. It became apparent to me that she was trying to impress people by acting all bad.

Promising Psychological Treatments for Marijuana Problems

Although treatments differ in their methods and strategies, most require a meaningful relationship with a therapist. Therapists often believe techniques create change, but the relationship may serve as an equally important contributor (Strupp, 1989). The idea that the relationship is more important than specific strategies may help explain some of the similar outcomes created by different therapies (Wampold et al., 1997). Perhaps disparate treatments create comparable results because all rely on a therapeutic relationship. Manualized treatments, which clearly delineate specific material for each session, still lead to different outcomes with different therapists. The therapeutic relationship may account for these differences. Yet this relationship does not mimic the friendship and mentoring common outside of therapy. Even treatments for relatively simple problems, like bedwetting or a fear of dogs, require considerable skill on the clinician's part. Data clearly support...

The Portrayal of Alcohol and Drug Users in the Media

Such changes in media messages may be more conducive to natural recoveries by not glorifying drinking and by stressing the role of environmental factors rather than intrapsychic factors. However, more recent media studies reveal a more differentiated picture by type of drugs. For example, the comprehensive literature review in Here's Looking at You, Kid' Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco in Entertainment Media, prepared for The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University by Roberts and Christenson (2000), examined research on the frequency and nature of media portrayals of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. Results show that for television alcohol remains the substance most likely to be portrayed, with no large past or current changes in frequency the most recent data indicate that three out of every four episodes of the most popular shows depict alcohol use (Roberts & Christenson, 2000). Drinking has generally been presented as a routine,...

The Blast furnace of Disillusion

Zarkov makes practical use out of the sublime DMT state to redesign the personality he uses in real life. He enjoys his DMT experience, then downloads it in order to devise new business strategies or even new sexual techniques - but he does not take any of it too seriously. Zarkov remains convinced that our reality is not making a wholesale leap out of history. His views sharply contrast those of his good friend Terence McKenna.

Amphetamines From Nitropropenes

Although Strike found most of these articles on Strike's own, our good friend and learned scholar Osmium emailed Strike some of the above group's articles and quite a few more that we will get at in just a bit. The following methods can be read about in the original articles in which they were published 49-51 , But there is a nice review by the same authors in which a representative example of each of their methods is included 52 . The following were taken from that review. X and speed chemists just substitute an equimolar amount of their respective p-Nitropropene for the one in the methods below. Also, it should be obvious that these reduction methods will work just fine on 2CB and other phenethylamine intermediates.

Biospasm Phenobarbital sodium Bioaler Phenobarbital Bioavailability

Original title Le Beau Serge. Director Claude ChabrolAiling city dweller Jean-Claude Brially makes a therapeutic return visit to his home town in the country. Here he visits childhood friend Gerard Blain, and is appalled to find how far Blain has plummeted into alcoholism and self-pity. The two protagonists indulge in a transference of personal guilt. Highly influential in the French New Wave movement of the 1950s, Bitter Reunion has something very special to say about the care and nurturing of friendship, especially one that has dimmed with distance and time.

International Narcotics Control Board

Cybersexual Addiction (addictions to adult chat rooms or cyberporn). 2. Cyber-relationship Addiction (online friendships made in chat rooms or newsgroups that replace real-life friends and family, this also includes the issue of cyberaffairs). 3. Net Compulsions (compulsive online gambling, online auction addiction, and obsessive online trading). 4. Information Overload (compulsive web surfing or database searches). 5. Computer Addiction (obsessive computer game-playing or to programming aspects of computer science, mostly a problem among men, children, and teenagers). As the incidence and prevalence of Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) has been increasing exponentially, several support group has been established.

Twisting Leaves Using Triple F Hydrotops

There are a lot of varieties of cannabis on the market. To date I have succeeded in raising from beginning to end some Skywalker and White Russian. Unfortunately, I started out growing from seed, and that held me back in my progress. It took a few months before I had enough clones to start growing seriously. The Skywalker is a very congenial, mellow smoke the White Russian by contrast looks a hell of a lot better and is also a bit stronger in its effects. I will not be growing the Skywalker again, I reckon. In any case not for the time being. In the meantime I have had the good fortune of meeting a good friend on the 'overgrow' web site. He was so kind as to load me up with various clones of top varieties. Some of the varieties I'm busy with now include White Russian, White Widow, Jack Herrer, Jamaican Pearl, Armageddon, Critical Mass, Skunk 1, Durgamata and Blueberry. Variety is the spice of life, isn't it These varieties will soon all be grown up and ready for testing.

Power growing with 28000 watts

Also, it is too much work for one man alone, which is why I enlisted a few good friends to help out. With five of us it took about two days to get just one room harvested and all the plants trimmed. I chose to harvest and trim the plants wet, and then remove the buds from the plant to let them dry out later on special drying racks.

Adolescents And Drug

Genetic factors alone cannot cause drug use or addiction. A facilitating environment that affords the opportunity for consumption is a necessary condition. During adolescence, peers exert a critical influence on substance use initiation. Consequently, most youths receive their first drug offer and have their first substance use experience in the context of peer interactions. A pattern of habitual substance use is most likely to develop when the friendship network consists of socially non-normative youths.

My Best Friend Got Hooked on Drugs

We both knew about gateway drugs and how using cigarettes or drinking beer can lead to more dangerous drug use, but we never thought it would happen to us. After all, we never did drugs. What really makes me angry is that he never talked with me about it and we were best friends. We shared so much together. Maybe he never talked to me about it because he knew how much I despised drugs. I would tell him that people who use drugs are playing Russian roulette and eventually they will get burned.

Bartenders Against Drunk Driving

Basketball Diaries, the Film released in 1995. Director Scott Kalvert David C. Dean. Adolescent drug addiction provides the focus for this timely drama based on author Jim Carroll's best-selling 1978 autobiography. As a young man, Carroll belonged to the St. Vitus basketball team, the best Catholic team in New York. His three teammates and best friends and he loved to hang out. They were a rebellious lot and loved to experiment with drugs. Often they would steal from rival teams, and beat them up. Jim was a little different from the other three because he was a compulsive writer who kept detailed journals. The boys initially innocent drug use led them into a spiral of increasingly stronger drugs and eventual heroin addiction. Two of the boys are kicked off the basketball team for drug use. Jim's own mother kicks him out of the house for his. The addicted friends become petty thugs to support their habits. Eventually Jim's mother gets him arrested and Jim realizes his life has bottomed...

What Can Be Gained by Studying the Process of Self Change

Doing It on My Own Why I Did Not Seek Formal Treatment or Help Respondent A I just felt that if I couldn't do it on my own a group of people isn't going to help me at all. A very good friend of mine he just got his ten-year pin so he's very proud of it and he should be but I just couldn't. They are friends of mine but I just couldn't. If I can't quit by myself I just didn't see how anyone else was going to help me. I have nothing against AA, don't misunderstand me, it's a good organization but 15 to 20 people aren't going to tell me what to do.

Syndromes of Psychosis and Their Treatment

Try to develop a structure for yourself during the day. If work seems too much for you, consider school or a volunteer job. If any sustained activity seems too much, improve the skills you will need to lead your life maintain your hygiene, shop and prepare food, clean laundry, manage money, and keep appointments. Try to maintain old friendships and develop new ones.

An affront to amateurism doping in the Olympics

I would prefer to class the athletes as a 'better race' on the surface of the earth. The future generations would inherit their characters and therefore a continuity of good society would be maintained. I would never wish then, that we should be deprived of such fine, healthy persons as a result of doping. Even if the history of doping dates back to the beginning of human civilization, I feel that it is not in keeping with the Olympic ideals and with the present time. The 20th century is for co-operation and not for unfair competition. The Olympic symbol is for developing sporting friendship between the different civilizations of the world.

Correspondence with the Poet Physician Walter Vogt

My friendship with the physician, psychiatrist, and writer Walter Vogt, M.D., is also among the personal contacts that I owe to LSD. As the following extract from our correspondence shows, it was less the medicinal aspects of LSD, important to the physician, than the consciousness-altering effects on the depth of the psyche, of interest to the writer, that constituted the theme of our correspondence.

The Tale Of Two Hashish Eaters

Soon an enormous dog, tempted by the smell of the bait, swallowed the hook greedily and then, feeling the barb, made desperate efforts to get loose. The fisherman struggled for some time against this enormous fish, but at last he was pulled over and rolled into the moonlight. Even then he would not let go his line, but held on grimly, uttering frightened cries. 'Help, help, good Mussulmans ' he shouted. 'Help me to secure this mighty fish, for he is dragging me into the deeps Help, help, good friends, for I am drowning ' The guards of that quarter ran up at the noise and began laughing at the fisherman's antics but when he yelled 'Allah curse you, O sons of bitches Is it a time to laugh when I am drowning ' they grew angry and, after giving him a sound beating, dragged him into the presence of the kadi.


We cannot listen to our governments or our traditional media as a source of information anymore, the information has become so contaminated, as to render it worthless. We must create our own information, about any and every topic. We must sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of those who are tightly controlled in their own countries, so they question the information they are currently receiving. We must offer the hand of friendship to all.

Drug Dependence

Dependence on psychoactive drugs is of epidemic proportions in the United States and around the world. Tens of millions of people use alcohol, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines on a daily basis. The use of these drugs disrupts the lives of people who use them and those around them. It impairs friendships and functioning at work. It is responsible for the loss of lives in traffic accidents and crime. It impairs physical and emotional health and costs billions of dollars in health-related injuries, illnesses, and rehabilitation.


One of my best friends got married the year before we did. She and her boyfriend were very much in love and they got married for a very different reason. Neither of them had to worry about visas even though he was from new zealand and she was from australia. They were very much for the idea of marriage. They saw it as something exciting where they would be embarking on a new life together. They were happy to conform. In fact they didn't see it as conforming, more a natural step in their relationship. Something they saw as evolutionary in their partnership.

Arbitrating Anarchy

But today David Gans's electronic mailbox is filled with messages from angry female WELLbeings. Stink has begun doing 'sends' - immediate E-mail messages that appear on the recipient's screen with a beep, interrupting whatever she is doing. People usually use sends when they notice that a good friend has logged on and want to experience a brief, 'live' interchange. No one 'sends' a stranger. But, according to Gans's E-mail, females logged on to the WELL are receiving messages like Wanna dance or Ifour place or mine on their screens, and have gotten a bit irked. Anonymous phone calls can leave a girl feeling chilly, at the very least. This is somehow an even greater violation of privacy. From reading the girl's postings, he knows her name, the topics she enjoys, how she feels about issues if he's a hacker, who knows how much more he knows

The Hoasca Project

All of the long-term ayahuasca-using subjects reported during the life-story interviews that they had undergone a personal transformation following entry into the UDV and regular participation in ritual ayahuasca use. In addition to entirely discontinuing cigarette, alcohol, and recreational drug use, they reported a radical restructuring of their personal conduct and value systems. One subject described how I used to not care about anybody, but now I know about responsibility. Every day I work on being a good father, a good husband, a good friend, * good worker. I try to do what I can to help others. I have learneu to be calmer, more self-confident, more accepting of others. I have gone through a transformation. Subjects emphasized the importance of practicing good deeds, watching one's words, and having respect


How can you turn against a whole nation of people Especially as we were all good friends prior to the war How can you suddenly hate all british, all germans, all americans, all japanese, and all french Well, as was proved in the various wars, the key ingredient was nationalism. By instilling a feeling of such superiority over every other nation, and the feeling we are good and they are bad, political and military leaders have - throughout time - been able to appeal to people to forget their individualism and come together as one. One Group. One Nation.

Ed Rosenthal

After spending a lovely morning with Ed, Craig and I leave. As we slowly drive back into the city, leaving behind the panoramic views and warm friendship, I think sadly, once again, I've left behind yet another of my friends who's been arrested, persecuted, and prosecuted for love of the sacred plant. How many more must they arrest Will they arrest us all Is that their plan to have the whole nation on probation or parole


For me, tenderness is something we carry with us through our life, and every being we come into contact with, we act with tenderness. When I told a good friend of mine I was going to be writing about tenderness today, she expressed surprise. Real power is in picking the most delicate of flowers with the strongest of hands, all the while taking great care to preserve it intact. Real power is in knowing you have the strength to be beat someone to a pulp, but instead extending him the hand of friendship. Real power is in knowing you have it, but will never use it. Women have respect for men who have mastered their power, and are tender. No woman truly respects a man that is violent, because she knows that one day he may turn on her and her child.

The Pollinator

Pollinator Cannabis

Mila is a good friend, and she has carried the hash torch for countless connoisseurs. She has spent much of her life learning and teaching how to extract more resin from cannabis. She invented and popularized the Pollinator, a motorized cylindrical-shaped sieve to separate resin powder from leaf and buds. Mila has many ongoing experiments with hash and cannabis, one of which includes teaching the doctors in

Frankenstein science

Indoor Growing Cave Cannabis

In the end, it's a variation on a mental health theme with the potential quitters. Either they're encountering a number of unfamiliar and unpleasant effects such as instant and acute paranoia, panic and bad thoughts , or they're seeing old and good friends walking around like zombies . Of course, whether any of this is actually due to the weed won't be known without a program of scientific research, but nonetheless, a word to the wise approach with caution.

Seeing is Beholding

If the tiniest detail in a fractal pattern echoes the overall design of the entire fractal, then a change to (or the experience of) this remote piece changes the overall picture (through the principles of feedback and iteration). Echoing the realizations of his best friends, Ralph Abraham and Terence McKenna, Sheldrake is the third member of the famous 'Trialogues' at Esalen, where the three elder statesmen (by cyberian standards) discuss onstage the ongoing unfolding of reality before captivated audiences of cyberians. These men are, quite consciously, putting into practice the idea of morphogenetic fields. Even if these Trialogues were held in private (as they were for years), Cyberia as a whole would benefit from the intellectual developments. By pioneering the new 'headspace', the three men leave their own legacy through morphic resonance, if not direct communication through their publishing, lectures, or media events. Jaida's reintegration was twofold She could no more bring back...

Narcotics Treatment

Heroin misuse in Switzerland was characterised by a substantial decline in heroin incidence and by heroin users entering substitution treatment after a short time, but with a low cessation rate. There are different explanations for the sharp decline in incidence of problematic heroin use. According to Ditton and Frischer, such a steep decline in incidence of heroin use is caused by the quick slow down of the number of non-using friends who are prepared to become users in friendship chains. Musto's generational theory regards the decline in incidence more as a social learning effect whereby the next generation will not use heroin because they have seen the former generation go from pleasant early experiences to devastating circumstances for addicts, families, and communities later on.

Boring Story

Jan lived by herself and liked it that way. She had two close friends and worried about how these friendships would be affected if she stopped getting high. She feared that her being straight would alienate at least one friend. With fewer friends, boredom would be even worse

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