Putative Endogenous Cannabinoids Inhibit LTP

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The range of putative endogenous cannabinoids have been outlined previously (see Di Marzo et al., this volume), and several studies have investigated the effects of application of these on LTP. In rat hippocampal slices, perfusion of 20 ^M sn-2 arachidonylglycerol (2-AG) blocked LTP of CA1 field EPSPs induced by high-frequency stimulation (100 Hz for 1 s), with little or no effect on the baseline field

EPSP (Stella et al. 1997; Schweitzer et al. 1999), and the effect of 2-AG was blocked by 2 ^M rimonabant (Stella et al. 1997). Similarly, perfusion of anandamide (3-10 ^M) blocked LTP of CA1 population spikes, and this was prevented by rimonabant (10 ^M) (Terranova et al. 1995).

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