Weight Loss Beyond Diet Pills Laxatives and Diuretics

Diet pills are not the only OTC drugs that are abused in the battle to achieve weight loss. Laxatives are another substance that people use to lose weight. Normally, people use laxatives to relieve constipation, since they act to irritate intestinal linings and stimulate nerves. Abusers believe that they help them lose weight by rushing food through their bodies. However, laxatives do not actually aid in weight loss, since the nutrients and calories in food, the real culprits in weight gain, have already been taken in by the body before the medicine begins to work. Ironically, because laxatives do not actually work, users feel the need to continue to take them in increasing amounts in the hope that they do. This eventually leads to dependence.

Diuretics, or water pills, are abused in a similar way to laxatives. They act by forcing the body to lose fluids, creating the feeling that the user is really losing weight. When the body naturally begins to regain the lost water, people take more medicine. Again, because diuretics do not actually work as the abuser intended, he or she continues to take them.

Other people turn to a different method of forced weight loss. Individuals with bulimia, an eating disorder in which vomiting is induced after eating in order to prevent food from being absorbed by the body, sometimes use drugs as part of their illness. In particular, a medicinal syrup called ipecac causes abusers to vomit. Ipecac, an

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Ginseng root is an example of a natural remedy that may in fact be an effective health aid.

extract found in the ipecacuanha shrub that grows in Brazil, stimulates the central nervous system, which sends messages to the stomach, forcing vomiting. It is only meant to be used in cases of serious poisoning, not on a daily basis by people who wish to lose weight.

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