Vicks NyQuil Liqui Caps

DXM is a derivative of opium, a drug that comes from a kind of poppy.

DXM is an antitussive, designed to combat coughing and other symptoms of a cold. When taken correctly, it is safe even for children.

One way that some users choose to take DXM is called robo shaking. This practice involves drinking large amounts of cough syrup and then forcibly throwing up. The DXM is absorbed into the body through the stomach, but the vomiting expels other, unwanted ingredients in the cough syrup. Some users even go so far as to use chemical processes to extract pure DXM from liquid cough medicines as a method to avoid those undesirable ingredients.

consciousness to parts of the brain that control physical processes like vision and movement. Because of this, taking DXM creates feelings of being disconnected from reality and from one's self. While under the influence of DXM, people feel euphoria, often laugh a lot, live in a dream-like state, and feel forgiving and affectionate toward other people.

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