The Role of Drug Companies

Some people feel that the drug companies that produce OTC medicines such as cough syrups are the ones who should be fighting against the abuse of their products. So far, some companies have shown that they are willing to work towards limiting OTC drug abuse, but haven't agreed to remove their products from OTC availability. Having the drugs available without the need for a prescription brings the drug companies a lot of income after all. Instead, they work with organizations to fight against

Some drug companies are working with schools to use education as a tool to fight the abuse of OTC medications.

abuse through media campaigns or take their own initiatives to try to stop teens from buying products containing DXM.

One drug company, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, has designed the packaging of one of its cough products to deter teenagers from abusing it. The medicine comes in a package too large to conveniently hide in a backpack or pocket, thereby serving as a disincentive to abuse that particular product. Some companies gear their actions toward the media and education. Wyeth advertises its products on TV shows for adults, hopefully bypassing the hours and types of programs that most teens are watching. The maker of Coricidin, Schering-Plough, distributed pamphlets to parents and pharmacies, containing information about DXM abuse. Representatives from the company also met with pharmacists, schools, and retailers to discuss abuse.

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