The Fight Against OTC Drug Abuse

People are finally beginning to pay attention to OTC drug abuse in today's world. While there have been few

Dxm Illegal

DXM is not addictive in the same way that nicotine and illegal drugs are. This does not mean, however, that DXM abuse is not a dangerous practice.

Pictures Against Drugs

When medications containing DXM are used as they were intended—to treat colds and coughs—there is no risk of them being addictive.

commercials informing people of the problem, few if any brochures found in doctors' offices, and very little informational advertisements in magazines, that is slowly changing. Starting in 2003, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) launched a program to spread knowledge of OTC drug abuse. Their aim was to educate parents about abuse, especially that of cough medicines. In May 2006, the Partnership and CHPA added a communications aspect to their plan. It involves separate Web sites for parents and teens; a television, radio, magazine, and newspaper ad campaign; and a pamphlet printed in both English and Spanish titled, A Parent's Guide to Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse.

The two organizations are also trying to accomplish legal goals. They are focusing on federal laws that would prohibit the sale of pure DXM to anyone not registered with the FDA, much like some state laws already in place. They are also working toward restricting sales of DXM-containing cough medicines to consumers under eighteen.

Organizations like the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and CHPA are paving the way for a new chapter in OTC drug abuse. While OTC drug abuse has long been an underground drug movement, it is now being brought to the public's attention for good or for bad. As more research is done and more knowledge is gained, the problem of OTC drug abuse will be tackled in different ways. For now, their legality and legitimate and safe medical use vies with the dangers inherent in improper use. They inhabit a unique place in the dilemmas of drug abuse, and must be dealt with uniquely.

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