Reasons for Drug Abuse

Usually, teenagers don't simply open up the medicine cabinet and take a few pills on a whim. There are underlying reasons behind why they start abusing any type of drug, including over-the-counter medications. The high intensity of the lives of many of today's teenagers is one of the causes of drug abuse. Teens cite stress as one of the major reasons for their drug use: drugs offer them a chance to escape from the daily stress they experience due to school, friends, or family.

Images Dont Cause Unpleasantness

DXM abuse can cause unpleasant sensations that include nausea, headaches, and frightening hallucinations.

Researchers have found that some people, especially some teenagers, are more likely to abuse drugs than others. Family history has a large part in predicting whether or not an individual will become addicted to drugs. Other environmental factors also come in to play. Youths who feel they don't fit in, have little self-confidence, and who have depression are more likely to start abusing drugs.

Children who don't learn about the dangers of drugs at home are also more likely to do drugs. According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, children who have talked to their parents or other family members about drugs are 50 percent less likely to start abusing them later in life. If people are taught early on from supportive people they trust that drugs are dangerous, they will likely come to understand that doing drugs is a risky decision.

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