Other OTC Drugs Being Abused

DXM is not the only OTC drug now on the menu for individuals looking for a high. Painkillers, or analgesics, are another common category of OTC drugs that are subject to abuse. Normally, these medications combat muscle aches, headaches, menstrual cramps, and the pain of everyday bumps and bruises. Acetaminophen, better known as Tylenol®; acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), or aspirin; and ibuprofen, found in Advil®, are some of the more commonly abused analgesics. If taken in large amounts, these medicines all create feelings of euphoria and hallucinations similar to products containing DXM.

Antihistamines are yet another category of abused OTC drugs. Antihistamines are used to treat allergies and acute allergic reactions. Antihistamines are also sometimes found in sleep aids and motion sickness pills. Like DXM and analgesics, they also produce a type of high if taken in excess. Abuse of these medicines, such as Tylenol PM and Excedrin PM, is not uncommon. People who wish to experience the hallucinogenic effects of these drugs usually have to take large amounts, sometimes whole packs of medicine at a time. Motion sickness pills like Dramamine® are also being abused because of the

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