When one decides to break free from addiction, the body must go through a process of withdrawal to rid itself of the toxic substances of the drug. Through a process called detoxification, the individual goes through some or all of the withdrawal symptoms listed earlier in this chapter. How long withdrawal lasts can depend on how much, how often, and what type of OTC drug was taken. For those addicted to OTC drugs, the detoxification process generally takes place at home, although hospitalization may be required in some cases.

For someone who is mildly dependent on OTC medications, this process might be enough to prevent further misuse. The person who is more seriously addicted to OTC drugs, however, needs follow-up treatment; studies

Tackling an addiction is often long, slow work.

have shown that most people with addictions will return to their previous behaviors if treatment ends with detoxification. There are two primary methods of treating addiction: behavioral and pharmacological.

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