Basic Training

Basic training is a good way to think of the experience of rehab. Soldiers need a rapid course to give them the basic knowledge and skills they will need to fight in a war. Some kinds of learning need to be practiced so well that you can do them without thinking. In addition to the learning, trainees become physically fit, and perhaps most important, form emotional bonds that help keep up morale when the going is hard.

(Source: Partnership for a Drug-Free America)

Participation in self-help support programs during and following treatment often is helpful in maintaining abstinence.

Governments and people are working to help those affected by and those who might become affected by DXM and other OTC drugs. However, the issue of OTC drug abuse is subject to much controversy.




Legality is the major issue surrounding OTC drugs. Today, these drugs hold a unique position in societies concerned with drug use. Although OTC drugs have been used safely and efficiently by millions of people, the fact that they are being increasingly abused— with deadly consequences—has led some people to question whether their sale should remain unregulated.

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