Methamphetamines From Amphetamines

METHOD #1: [26]-- 8g of perfectly fine, shouldn't-be-messed with MDA or benzedrine freebase is mixed with 100mL methylformate in a small pipe bomb. The sealed bomb is placed in boiling water or a 100°C oven for 12 hours, cooled and the solvent removed by distillation to give approximately 8g of N-formyl intermediate. Yes, that's the same kind of intermediate that one gets from the Leuckart reaction, and this recipe is going to employ the LiAIH4 way of stripping the double bonded oxygen of the formyl side group to give methamphetamine. The 8g of formyl intermediate is dissolved in 50ml_ ether and added dropwise into a solution of 6g LiAIH4 in 100mL ether and refluxed 4 hours. The solution is allowed to cool, 50mL dH20 is added, the solution vacuum filtered then extracted with 3N HCI . The MDMA/meth freebase is liberated from the acid with NaOH extracted with DCM and removed of solvent to give ~8g.

METHOD #2: [89]~1M MDA or benzedrine and 1M benzaldehyde is dissolved in 95% ethanol (Everclear), stirred, the solvent removed by distillation then the oil vacuum distilled to give 95% yellow oil which is a Schiff base intermediate. 1M of this intermediate, plus 1M iodomethane, is sealed in a pipe bomb that's dumped in boiling water for 5 hours giving an orangy-red heavy oil. The oil is taken up in methanol, 1/8 its volume of dH20 is added and the solution refluxed for 30 minutes. Next, an equal volume of water is added and the whole solution boiled openly until no more odor of benzaldehyde is detected (smells like almond extract). The solution is acidified with acetic acid, washed with ether (discard ether), the MDMA or meth freebase liberated with NaOH and extracted with ether to afford a yield of 90% for meth and 65% for MDMA. That's not a bad conversion but what's with having to use benzaldehyde (a List chemical)? Strike wonders if another aldehyde can substitute.

METHOD #3: [90]--The folks in this article made an acetyl intermediate out of an amphetamine to act as a form of protection group so that they could screw around with the molecule without anything happening to that precious amine group. This method will end up yielding MDEA or PEA and will use the very watched acetic anhydride. This method is only for the weird. 80mL acetic anhydride is added to a solution of 10g MDA freebase, 50g sodium acetate and 300mL dH20, which is then shaken until the exothermic reaction ceases. The cooled solution is filtered and extracted with ether to give n-acetyl-MDA, which can be stripped of its oxygen with LiAIH4 just like was done in the Leuckart method.

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