Allyl Bromide

[146 p42]-This stuff is cheap and legal to buy. However, Strike has a premonition about the future security of this chemical. In a three-neck flask is stirred 1000g 48% HBr and 300g 98% (concentrated) H2S04. After a few minutes of stirring 385mL of the 70% allyl alcohol made from above or 233g pure allyl alcohol is added. The chemist now attaches a separatory funnel into the -252-

middle neck of the flask, a stopper in one of the side necks and in the final neck attaches a simple distillation setup. 300g of sulfuric acid is then dripped from the separatory funnel into the warm solution. The heat of the reaction alone will allow for the distillation of the allyl bromide as it is formed during the addition. This should take no more than 30 minutes. The crude allyl bromide that is collected is washed with dilute sodium carbonate solution, dried through Na2S04 and simple distilled to give product which boils at 69-72°C (yield=92-96%). Allyl chloride is made using HCI instead of HBr.

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